Eulace Peacock

Eulace Peacock (b. August 27, 1914 place Dothan, Alabama) moved to New Jersey at a very age. Eulace was uninterested in running. At first, as a child, he was more excited about long jumping. As a preteen, he could jump eighteen feet in the long jump. James, his older brother, motivated and encouraged Eulace to get on the track team in High School. Eulace alongside his brothers James and Clarence all competed in the track on the collegiate level; their parents must have been proud. Eulace would improve in track and go one to set a national record for the long jump; ironically, Jesse Owens would take the record two hours later on the same day.

Eulace attended Temple University on scholarship and set records in track and long jump throughout his college career. Eulace would beat Jesse in various competitions so much that Jesse thought he couldn't win over him; he later became a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and at Ohio State, Jesse Owens would become a member of Alpha Phi Alpha as well. Eulace would compete in Europe, Norway, and Italy. It was in Italy that Eulace would pull his hamstring and later reinjured it at Penn Relays. This injury would ruin the chance of participating in the Olympics and create an opportunity for Jesse Owens to make history.

Eulace would become what we consider a serial entrepreneur, marry, and then adopt two children. He is remembered as a present dad, a humble and loyal person. Peacock defended his friends and family. One of Eulace's businesses was an alcohol store that he closed because he felt he contributed to the problem. Eulace Peacock died of Alzheimer's disease at age 82 in Yonkers and was loved by many, and we are sharing his story because he is a legend that should be honored with STMP.

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